Monday, January 24, 2011

6 weeks Post Operative/Physical Therapy

Today is 6 weeks since my surgery.  Although I thought I was feeling fairly strong, able to walk and to things, I learned today just how far I still have to go.

It was my first PT session.  After 15 minutes of ultrasound and heat therapy to loosen up very tight back muscles, I then peddled a recumbent bicycle.  At the two minute mark I thought my left leg was going to fall off.  I stuck with it and managed 8 minutes.  8 minutes!!!!  That's all!   I then did standing in place (holding on) leg lifts (like marching) with 1 lb weight on each ankle.  The right leg works, the left leg is still a struggle.  The thigh is still really tight and the nerve still irritated.  We are avoiding any bending, twisting, rotating workouts and I have a 5 lb restriction.

By the way, I walked to my therapy appointment 8 blocks there and 8 blocks back (it was 10 degrees).
By the time I got home, I needed a pain pill, lunch and a 1/2 nap.  My butt muscles hurt and my back is sore but not painful and my knees are stiff.

So I realized that after be inactive for over 8 months and 6 weeks, I have a very long way to go.  I also think that being overweight is not in my favor and being 59 years old certainly doesn't help the situation.  But, it is what it is, so I have to work harder!   Can't wait to get back there on Thursday!

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