Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 weeks post op

Hi Again-
I am five weeks out now.  My walking has improved considerably.  I am wearing a bone growth stimulator 12 hours a day (I can't sleep with it cause the dame thing disconnects and the alarm goes off and wakes me up), wearing a Velcro brace.  I gave up the walker, I take the cane when I go outside to steady myself if I should feel unsteady.  also indicates to others "WATCH OUT, I'm disabled".   Totally off morphine, vicodin.  Taking Ultraset only if I really need to, trying to control the aches and discomfort with Tylenol.  My left thigh is still numb with sensitivity nd some muscle tightness.  Tomorrow I start physical therapy to see if they can help it along.  My back feels good except early in the morning when I first get up, really stiff and achy.  Hot showers really help.  I am doing better mentally after having a meltdown last week, just crying and feeling depressed after going through this a third time.  I guess that happens.   Trying to keep busy, reading, downloaded music on my Ipod,  hooking a rug, TV, Netflix.  I try to get out and walk every day but the darn ice and snow makes it difficult.   Incisions mostly healed, side incision looks a little worse (need to watch this for a few days).  Still wearing loose clothes, gym, sweat pants, loose tops,  gave up on underwear, just too tight.   So, in summary,  I feel that I am doing fairly well at this point.  I know some patients are still in pain at 5 weeks, so I consider myself lucky in that respect. 

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