Thursday, December 23, 2010

Operating Rooms

Before you  go into any operating room NEVER, NEVER let them take your eyeglasses away.  Wear and old pair if necessary, you don't need 20/20 vision to go into the pre-holding area or the operating room.  If you have not signed a consent for surgery at your surgeon's office, they will coming looking for you while you are laying on a gurney in the holding area.  They will put the consent form in front of you and ask for a signature.  Hence, you will need your glasses.  Then when they wheel you into the operating theatre, you are sometimes still awake and are able to see the anesthesiologist and discuss your anesthesia with you.  You will certainly want to see to whom you are speaking with.   So let them take your eyeglasses at the very last minutes.  Most likely they will be put with your things and they will be with you in recovery.  But if not, bring an old pair that you can afford to lose. 

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