Thursday, December 23, 2010

how this all started

In 1975 I tumbled down a mountain while skiing.  Thinking it was nothing more than any other fall, I got up and continued skiing.  By that night, I developed back pain and within two days I had sciatica and pain runing down my left eye.  I couldn't stand, sit and walking was painful. 

I treated myself with pain medications, heat wraps, Ben-Gay, hot showers, etc. with no resolution.  After one week I consulted an orthopedic physician.  I was diagnosed with a slipped disc at L-4-5. Living alone was not an option, so I moved back to my parents house  for complete bed rest for 6 weeks with traction belt around my waist with 3 lb weights hanging off the end of the bed, Valium and pain medication.   I was 24 years old. 

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