Friday, May 11, 2012

15 Months Post Op Third Spinal Surgery

Well, I think this may be the last entry into this long winded saga. 

 My left leg is still weak and will most likely remain so.  My left thigh is numb and tingles intermittently.  Low backache from time to time.  I function because all of this is only possible due to my pain management physician who periodically injects me with n epidural or a trigger point injection or writes a script for pain medication.   Using Tramadol when necessary.

My latest MRI shows some worsening at the L3-L3 (area not fused).  Spinal fusion is like playing Lincoln Logs.  All stacked up but causes pressure on the adjacent areas.  I will not undergo another operation.  I will have to maintain myself with stretching exercises and pain control.  I use a steroid gel every night to keep inflammation at a reduced level.    TENS unit does not provide any relief at all.

 I am one of the lucky ones who can at least still manage.   I go to work (have reduced my hours), drive a car, walk short distances.  My days of long hikes are over,  certain exercises,   golf, etc.

I offer my experience to anyone undergoing spinal surgery in hope that it will provide some valuable information.  Do your research, ask questions, get several opinions,  remember there are no guarantees that spinal surgery will relieve your pain.

Thanks for reading
Sharyn Crichton Budnetz

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